Continental ContiSportAttack H

    ContiSportAttack H
    Continental   ContiSportAttack H
    The heart of the ContiSportAttacks new construction is a patented 0 degree steel belted construction providing a synchronicity of performance front and rear, allowing arrow straight high speed stability and forgiving, neutral turn in and handling response.

    To achieve real world warm up and class leading performance, the ContiSportAttack utilises a new, unique to Continental, activated silica-carbon compound called 'Black Chili' this enables the tyre to operate effectively in cooler conditions and enables confidence inspiring wet weather grip.

    Continuous Compound Technology improves mileage through a wear resistant central area and progressively increasing grip levels toward the shoulder, with no sudden changes in compound.

    In the dry the ContiSportAttack achieves an astonishing 50.8 degrees of lean angle with the highest grip co-efficient in class. Essential to the design solution for the ContiSportAttack was the visual aesthetic of the tread, which accentuates the performance of the tyre.

    The ContiSportAttack uses a distinctive, unique, tread design that compliments any motorcycle to which it is fitted. The ContiSportAttack delivers class leading technology and performance and maintains Continentals priority for consumer satisfaction and safety. ContiSportAttack, fear no road.
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