ITP Holeshot ATR

    Holeshot ATR
    ITP   Holeshot ATR
    * Put the sport in your utility ATV!
    * Combining legendary Holeshot performance with all the benefits of radial tire design.
    * By far the lightest radial tire on the market today! Lose 10 pounds over similar tires!
    * Radial tire technology offers amazingly smooth ride quality-flexible sidewalls absorb trail shock.
    * Increased traction over variable trail conditions due to larger contact patch-a radial tire's footprint actually grows under load!
    * Greater durability and longer tread life than a standard ATV tire.
    * Legendary ITP Holeshot technology and performance now available to 4x4 ATV owners!
    * Features a tough 6-ply rating and our patented Rim Guard.

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